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2015-05-31 03:45 pm
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Mission: Swim

This takes place in early May, right after the second AHAIRQ match.

Thank you to Trojie and Pads for beta reading.

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2015-05-31 03:41 pm
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AHAIRQL: Match Two

Note, added 2015: I'm pretty sure- at least 95%- if this wasn't a cowrite, that it was all Trojie's.

AHAIRQL: Match Two )
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2015-05-31 03:01 pm

Miscellany: Mary Sue Invasion 2008

This is one of the compiled, spliced, and edited versions of the 2008 Mary Sue Invasion RP Thread. This particular version primarily follows Agents Lucien, Library, and July.

The writing in this section comes from the following Boarders:

Lee Trynace
The Trojanhorse

All Agents belong to their respective authors.
Miscellany: Mary Sue Invasion 2008 )
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2015-05-31 02:50 pm
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AHAIRQL: Match One: Bad Slash vs Floaters

Australian Indoor-Rules Quiddich comes from this particular Mac Hall comic strip.

This takes place sometime in early March.

This is a cowrite between JulyFlame and the brilliant Trojanhorse.