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The following is a list of missions and side stories, in chronological order. That said, not everything is in the order it was originally written. Items like League Quiddich are not included.

 Mission: A New Beginning
Summary: The first mission. July and Library meet, and with plenty of fumbling and confusion eventually take care of their first Sue.
Date: November 2007, HST (HQ Standard Timeline) 
Summary:  July tries to find a replacement door. There's no way for this to end well.
Date: November 2007
Summary: Second mission. July and Library take on a first person Doom fic. Library does not end up very happy. 
Date: November 2007, HST
Summary: July engages in some repetitive behavior. Library does nothing to dissuade this. Features Forth Wall breakage, but no one either notices or remembers.
Date: January 2008, HST.
Summary: Library and July meet up with Agents Paddlebrains and Trojanhorse of Bad Slash to take care of a Discworld Sue who falls in love with DEATH.
Date: February 2008 HST
Summary: Library is outraged by a 1984 Sue. July babbles.
 Note: This features other writers' Agents. 
Date: March 2008, HST
Summary: Library and July take on what could be called an interesting example of a Sue.
Note: This mission ties in with Tawaki's Macrovirus Emergency.
Date: March 2008, HST 
Summary: July and Library's part in the 2008 Mary Sue Invasion. Was originally an RP. 
Date: April 2008, HST.
Summary: You remember those two kids from the 1984 mission, right? July didn't, and now she's in for a surprise wake up call...
Date: April 2008
Summary: July. A Troll. Johnny Cash. Fire. Should have been expected, really. Link to Troll's Profile Caution: NSFW.
Date: Late April 2008, HST
Summary: Things go horribly wrong.
Date: May 2008, HST
Summary: Immediate events of after July leaves, on Library's side of things.
Date: May 2008, HST
Summary: JF's first mission with Library. It is understandably... flamey.
Date: May 2008, HST
Summary: July's leaving and return, on her side of things. 
Date: May 2008 HST - Late June/Early July 2008 (November 2007-June/July 2008 RW Time)
Miscellany: Agent July's Birthday
Summary: July is thrown a birthday party for her 18th bithday. Written by Trojie. 
Date: July 15 2008, HST
Summary: Fridges are moved, and a friend of July's joins up. July is not amused. Library is, though.
Date: Late July 2008 HST
Summary: Trojie's Birthday Party. 
Date: March 2009. Subject to editing and retconning.
Summary: Christmas time at HQ, and it's time for a the Santa Clause Sue! And decorating madness. 
Date: Christmas 2009 HST
Summary: July trains a new agent on a mission in a Doctor Who fic. Of course the new guy has to be hoping for the Department of Temporal Offenses
Date: December 2010, HST
Summary: July and Library end up on a mission with Kat and Samuel.
Date: February 2011, HST
Summary: Companion piece to the mission Secrets, also written with Makari. 
Date: February 2011
Ten Years Hence
Summary: Ten years into the future... 
Date: ??? 2018 HST.

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