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Mission: Legend Of Zelda Love Story OCCx?


This mission has been in the making for a long time. July, Library, and JF belong to me, Cody is based upon a friend. Sara and Zach and their mini belong to Sara, who seems to've vanished.

Thanks to Artell and Aster for betaing.

The fic in question is Legend Of Zelda Love Story OCCx? by the now named I am teh FISH, who when I started this mission shared her handle with that of her Sue.




That was the third time Library had heard that noise in the last ten minutes coming from the main room of their Response Center. "July, what are you doing?"

"Moving- umph-" Screeeeeeeeeaak. "- the fridge!"

Library set her comb and the hair pins down, giving up on putting her hair in a bun for the time being, and left the bathroom.  The fridge was about halfway from its usual spot against the wall to the hall entrance. July was leaning against it, her face red from exertion.

Library eyed her partner warily. While July had been declared sane enough to return to work, she was now prone to far more fits of erratic behavior, and simply wasn't as chipper as she had been before. "Why?"

"Cody! She's- umph-" Screeeeeeeak. "-joined up!"

"And this has you moving the fridge why?"

"To block the doorway!"

Library sighed. "Why?"

"So she won't be able to enter!"

"But if the entrance is blocked, we can't leave the RC."

"We can use the portal generator."

"The fridge needs electricity, July."

"I've got a power cord extension!"

"July, why are you so set against her coming in here? I thought you said she was your friend."

"She is!"

"Then why?"

"Because she's more careless about weapons safety than most Agents. And fire too."

"How is that a problem? Most Agents are reckless."

"Most of that recklessness seems to come from after they join!" Screeeeeeaaak. "This is how she is normally!"

"...Ah. That could be a problem. But you're moving the fridge back nonetheless."



Library checked the Console, shutting the beep off. "It's a second person point of view Sue," she announced.

July began to pack the backpack. "Which canon?"

"Legend of Zelda. Which is...?"

"Video game series. It mention which game?"

Library shook her head. "No."

"Hm. Summary?"

"'This is a story about a young girl, as, she was sealed by the Deku Tree over 2 hundred ago. Now that she has broken free, she must learn of her past and help her new friend Link save all of Hyrule.' Incidentally, the Sue seems to share her name with the Author's screenname."

"Okay, so Ocarina of Time then. Logics's weird though. Name the Sue after yourself, but make it second POV?" July shrugged, and grabbed the packed up Crash Dummy. "I love you," she told the deflated dummy, checking to make sure it was still in working condition. The dummy was clearly charred and smelled a bit too much of fragrance spray from their attempt to not have the room smell like burnt rubber.

Burnt rubber and too much fragrance spray was a step up.

"July, share your affection for the dummy later, and plug the fridge in, since it seems like we'll have to wait to move it back until after the mission. We don't want the food to spoil."

"Alright, alright." July scribbled an illegible warning to Trojie about using their milk and eggs for baking again onto a message board on the fridge, and unwound the extension cord.

Thirteen seconds later the Response Center descended into darkness but for ominous bright sparking from the Console.

"Well. I didn't expect that to happen," July said, scrambling for a flashlight.

"July?" There was an odd and dangerous warning tone to Library's voice.


"That's not anywhere near the drawer the flashlight is in."

"..Oh." Fortunately for both girls, intense blushing does not show up in darkness.

Thirty minutes later and one quick trip to the general store, the two Agents were walking down one of the many corridors in HQ, taking extreme care to not look at each other. July had her backpack slung over one shoulder and was carrying a plastic bag, sledgehammer firmly gripped under her left armpit. 

"Do you really think that'll work?" Library asked, when they reached the door to their destination, response center #825.

"Of course it will." July sounded fairly confident. She opened the door without knocking. "Hi Sara, Zach!" She grinned at the two, who seemed to be fairly surprised by the unsolicited visit. The mini-triceratops looked up at them from a pile of laundry. "We're gonna be using you guys' Console."

Sara set her book down. "What?"

Zach frowned. "Couldn't you ask first?"

The two were summarily pelted with chocolate bars.

"Okay, fine!" Sara gave in, as she caught a thrown bar in mid-air. Zach was busy rubbing his eyes; he had taken the fifth chocolate bar thrown to the eye. "Hurry up, will you?"

July beamed and dragged Library in from the doorway and to the Console. "Thank you!"

There was a few minutes of furious typing, and July making various muttered threats at the Console, until there was a final "Aha!"

Library stared at the screen, which now displayed their mission and the accompanying intelligence report. "How did you do that?"

July opened the portal. "Sent off an request to DoSAT for someone to go fix whatever got mucked with in our RC, and also for our mission to get resent here!" July fished the Dummy out of the bag, pulled the cord, and without much ceremony (for once), she kicked it through the open portal.

"Ah. Are we going to use disguises?"

"Yep, Skull kids. We'd be too noticeable if we didn't use one, for once."

Sara stopped eating her chocolate for a moment. "Wait, did you say Skull kids? Like, Zelda?"

"Yep. OoT fic."

"Ooh. Have fun with that."

July grinned at Sara as she stepped through the portal. "Oh, I will."

"My apologies about the chocolate bar," Library told Zach. 

"Yeah, yeah." Zach began to unwrap the foil. "Can you tell July she needs to work on her aim? It sucks."

"Oh, I will." With that, Library followed and the portal closed.

"Think July left any cookies lying around their RC again?" Sara asked idly.

"It's July," Zach said around a mouthful of chocolate.

"Right. Let's hurry before someone else figures out they're on a mission."



There was a definite feeling of being shorter when Library entered the fic. That was probably because she wasn't standing much taller than the disturbing child sized being that was dressed in red with a wide brimmed hat, only orange glowing eyes visible on the dark face. It had July's backpack.

"July," -there was a hint of warning, there- "it occurs to me you didn't tell me what a Skull kid was."

"No, I didn't. On the job learning?"

"It'd be nice if you explained befo-"

She was cut off by a cry. "DEKU TREEEEEEE!"

Library looked over. The Dummy, which now looked like the Sue, had just jumped away from the large tree that dominated the area.  A small bright pink ball of light was floating over the Sue. "Did we just miss something?" Library asked.

"Uh, I think we did, hang on." July began to read the Words, and almost immediately blanched. "Euugh!"

"'Eugh'? Really, July tha-" She paused as she read the Words as well. The berating expression quickly turned to one of offense. "Did that tree just...?" Library stared at the large tree with disgust.

"Yes!" July had set the backpack down and was rummaging through it.

"Towards her..."

"Yes! And if this fic takes it any farther I-" July paused mid rant and began to read ahead. "What is this I don't even."

Library busied herself in writing down what was, in her private opinion, going to be a longer charge list than usual. "July, would you please give me a quick summary of what should and should not be in this canon?"

"Er, let me think," July said, as she moved out of Library's reach, "the canon itself is mostly European style fantasy, pretty castles, buncha different kind of evil races, good races, depending- the main human like ones are Hylians, they have pointy ears- supposed to be for hearing the voice of the gods, and all that- and there's also the Triforce, which is usually pretty important in the series."

"The Triforce?"

"Is this power thingy," July said, unhelpfully. "It's a relic of the Goddesses, and is made of the Triforce of Wisdom, Triforce of Power, and the Triforce of Courage. If all three are together, you can make a wish. It's a bit more complicated than that, but we don't really have the time. Usually, Link has the Triforce of Courage, Zelda has Wisdom, and Ganondorf has Power, since those three generally represent those aspects. There isn't anything on the same level as the Triforce, so if anything like that shows up in here, it's a huge charge." 

Library made a noise that sounded like a mix of disapproval and acknowledgement as she wrote down one more charge. 

July began to say something, but it ended up a strangled sound. "Gyaagh I hope that's for the lace panties."

"It is."

"Note down Shino, just in case. We might have to kill the pervert, too. He's an original 'character' as well," July said, with air quotes. "Incidentally, Japanese names aren't really common in canon, for the translated versions, at least."

Library looked up at her, pausing with the charges temporarily. "You don't need to do that." 

"Do what?"

"The air quotations. It's ridiculous."

"Fine. Geez. Though the writer is disturbingly occupied by stuff that's really sexual for a Sue that's supposed to look like, ten. 'Smooth legs' indeed," July grumbled.  "Also, I'm pretty sure this Deku Tree is a replacement."

"Should I get out the Canon Analysis Devi-"

"Nooooo, nooo, I've got a feeling the moment we turn it on it'll explode. The real Deku Tree wouldn't ever, ever, ever consider trying to sexually molest one of the Kokiri."

"Skyde" The voice of the great tree boomed and July and Library winced in pain.

"Skyde, go back to the village and begin the preparations" The Deku Tree told you. "Hu? This soon? It's only been-" You get cut off as the Deku Tree says "11 years" "WHOA ELEVEN!" 

"11 years of having this sexy bitch and I never noticed" Shino mumbled. 

July facepalmed. "I call dibs on killing stupid."

"July, I think that might leave you a bit busy."

"True, that." July watched in interest as the Sue-Dummy looked at the perverted Kokiri boy,  her red eyes blazing like fire.  Skyde rushed at him and clasped her hands on his shirt caller.

"Spelling mistakes upon spelling mistakes upon spelling mistakes, upon a foundation of poor grammar," Library sighed.

The dummy's beep blue hair and aqua bangs rose as if in water as she hissed "Never call me that again!" A pale white flushed all the color from Shino's face "Yes ma'am"

"Beep blue?" July looked at the beep blue floating hair, and then at Library.

"Beep blue."

"Could be worse." 

Library shrugged back as she continued writing charges.

July twitched a bit as the Sue  dropped him to the floor and her hair fell back neatly to it's original place "Now Skyde, go to the village and get ready!" The Deku Tree says again "Ok, let's go Kajin" 

"Something about this isn't sitting right with me, more than it usually does." July muttered, darkly. She swung her sledgehammer, pretending to aim it at the Sue's head. 

 "Right!" The little purple haired fairy glared at Shino's Fairy once more and flew after the Sue in a hurried pursuit "Man, I wish I would have noticed her before!" Shino said from the ground, blue 

eyes pooling with mixed emotions.

"Let's wait until we collect more charges, July," Library warned. 

"I dunno," July responded, as they followed the dummy into the Kokiri village. Or rather, they tried to, with the scene changing without warning, dumping them right outside one of the large hollowed out trees that served as houses.

They peeked through a window, watching the Sue.  "Man, I feel like such a creepy voyeur," July commented.

"Let's just keep it to that." Library hadn't stopped writing charges down.

Many smaller Kokiri girls crowded around her, fiddling with the Sue's floor touching blue hair. "Everyone, Everyone!" Called Shiori, one of the smallest Kokiri around, ran in, deep violet red eyes blazing with love and beautiful white hair stuck to her tan face from all the running "It's about Kikyou! She's has been hard at work for the past 6 months, and it's reward was better then we could have hoped! She had a little girl, with spring green hair and crystal blue eyes"

"What?" July's previous twitch was verging on becoming a constant.

Library looked flabbergasted. "Did she just say what I think she did?"

"I think she did."

Library looked moderately horrified as she continued to write. "Charge for inducing six months of labor."

"And for causing a pregnancy in a girl who is from a race that looks like children."

Library shuddered.

 "What did she name her?" Haruko called from the crowd of girls preparing the Sue for the ceremony. "Saria!"

"Noooooo, bad writer, bad, you don't do that, I'm going to get your stup-" July was dragged forcibly away from the window before she managed to climb through it.

"July! Wait!"

"Noooooooo. Do not want, do not want..." July scrabbled at the side, curls of wood peeling down with her nails. 

Library steadfastly ignored her, and sat on the smaller girl to prevent her from immediately killing the Sue.  "July, why is it bad for the child to be named Saria?"

"There's already a Kokiri named Saria! Important character! And on top of that the Kokiri are supposed to be children of the forest! Not actually born! Like that! With the bits involved! And certainly not with the bits involved when they consider the Deku Tree their father and oh God what if he was trying to fornicate with the Sue with that bit at the beginning and-" July flailed, and her attempt to escape grew even more frantic once she saw the Sue had stepped out of the stump house all the other girls crowded into to "Doll you up" as the say. She had an elegant golden crown placed atop her head with a calm leafy grassy emerald as the center piece. Kajin looked like a sparkly pink ball, glittering with joy, as she fallowed in the wake of her now sparkly wave-like hair that all the Kokiri girls spent their time trying to make pretty, when it was all ready water-like and wavy with out their help.

"Her hair sparkles," July wailed. She had given up, for the moment, on trying to escape.

Her partner sighed, and tried to not appear too annoyed. "Yes, just another charge, July, just another charge. We aren't even out of the first chapter yet, it's far too early."

July whimpered.

Library finally got up, and offered her partner a hand. July, however, growled at the offered gesture of kindness, and stood up on her own. "Fine, July, be that way." With that, Library walked to follow the Sue and the Kokiri OC. "Oh dear," she murmured. 

Shiori pointed to an oak stump house with a warm glow about it "There" She said simply with a smile and her fairy flew out to the open window of the house. The cries of a new born baby could be heard from inside the glowing house. Shiori knocked and the door swung open slightly "Kikyou! I've brought Skyde to see Saria!" She pushed open the door and saw a horrific sight. Kikyou dismembered lying on the bed, her blue eyes wide with fear, tear stained from before the kill. "Oh No! Where is Saria?" Shiori asked with her hands raised to her mouth.

Library hurriedly continued to write down the charges. July's frequent protests had dissolved into simple wailing at this point, which was far more easier to ignore, if more disturbing than the fervent calls for violence.

"She's right here"The Sue said, and picked up the wailing baby girl in her arms. Saria seemed to be untouched by the evil force that did this. She looked up, starring at the wall above the babies crib "S-s-shi-shiori" She froze. "What? Oh My God!" Shiori covered her face and shielded her eyes.

"Oh dear," Library went, again. "This is going into being far too much and entirely unnecessary, though the story hasn't shown qualms in regards to what is necessary and not. Such as comprehensibility."   

 Written above Saria's crib was, in Kikyou's blood "Fire, my love, my one delight. Aid me in this deadly fight. Bloody wings, crimson claws, death above the immortal laws. Phoenix risen from the ashes, braving all the pain, the lashes. Russet feathers, deadly beak. I watch you die, I see you weak" The blood, so fresh it dripped from the walls in a trail of pain. "Saria," the Sue said and shielded the young Kokiri girl's eyes "Will you ever learn?"

"Hopefully she won't need to, Sue," Library said. Behind her, July's wailing and whimpering had finally ended. Library continued writing her chargers, following the Sue.

It was roughly two minutes later that she realised that July had at some point disappeared, with all their gear. 

"Well," Library said to herself. "This isn't turning out well. I really ought to have paid further attention to her. Especially since I know what sorts of tricks her doppelganger is prone to trying. This really shouldn't have surprised me. I hope the Floating Hyacinth doesn't discover what happened." She shook her head, and continued to follow the Sue.

"Deku Tree!"

Library looked around for any sign of July. There was, unfortunately, none.

"Skyde, it is not time for- What is that?" The tree asked "Saria, Kikyou's first and last child" Shiori told him panting "What do you mean?" The tree asked in a very deep case of confusion "Some one has killed Kikyou" The Sue said with distaste "Little Saria here is left with out a mother or a father, Deku Tree," She paused, shifting uneasily "C-can you postpone the ceremony, so that I can raise Saria?" The old tree gets a sad look on his aging face, "No" "But, Why!" "Shiori," The Deku Tree turned his attention to the little tan Kokiri "You shall raise Saria, Skyde," The old tree now turned his attention back to Skyde. "I need you to go threw with the ceremony, you will be needed in the future, more then you will ever know" He told her gravely.

Library, lost without the occasional help in regards to canonicity and characterization that July gave, busied herself with noting the grammar and spelling errors, as well as the lack of understanding of what paragraphs were for, as well as the thorough lack of clarity in whom was speaking to who. Inserting paragraphs into a fic was not what she was there for.

There was still no sign of July.

She stood in front of the Deku Tree with the rest of the Kokiri's, -"The Kokiri's what?" Library muttered- every one was crying, all except Saria, and the Deku Tree. 

"Even after the loss of Kikyou, we still have to go threw with the ceremony of sleep. Skyde, please step forward" The Deku Tree said.  She stepped forward, wearing the golden crown with the emerald- Library shook her head at the unneeded redundancy, though given the story, it was confusing enough that the reminder may well have been necessary. Any mission where she needed to take notes in order to continue to understand what was going on was a woeful one.

It was a good thing that July hadn't figured that out yet.

The Sue's hair flew like waves in the mourning (not morning, mourning you know what it means to mourn some one) breeze. Her old Kokiri shirt and skirt where replaced by a flowering light pink kimono. It was a sakura pink color with the pattern of falling blossoms, the obi the that of a magenta, for some odd reason years ago The Deku Tree said for a special occasions dress in the colors of your fairy. 

"Completely unreasonable," Library commented. "This tree is beginning to sound downright senile. And kimonos simply make no sense, if it's patterned after European style fantasy." She settled back to watch the terrible, senseless ceremony proceed, still writing her charges, trying to not think too much on where July could possibly be.

Most of the Kokiri where dressed in gold's and yellows, some in red, and few in a slivery blue, but NONE, other then the Sue, where in a bright pink and magenta kimono. She stood in the ocward, ne sensations of the traditional sandals of the Kokiri. 

Library felt the disguise suddenly drop away. "Oh dear, July, what in the world are you doing?" She whispered. She looked around, but still could not see her wayward partner.

 "The Kokiri Skyde Fugl, will now under go the ceremony of sleep. A sacred ritual to seal the chosen Kokiri from all harm in the world around them as the sleep till the time of Awakening" The Deku Tree boomed and there was a sudden roar, and the crackle of intense flames and heat coming from the Deku Tree's back, black roiling smoke clouding the sky.


"Burn, baby! Burn!"

She could hear two distinct, but nearly identical voices coming from where the fire started.

Library started running in the direction of the maniacal laughter. "July! What have I told you about doing this sort of thing before the charges!? Eek!" She quickly jumped away from a large portion of tree that was suddenly on fire.



She looked upwards, and saw JF, entirely on fire, firing against the Deku Tree, turning the replacement plant into a large conflagration.

"Oh dear."

In front of her, July had a flamethrower and was busy spreading the flames at the roots. 

"I really shouldn't be surprised, but I am," she said to herself. Louder, and to her current partner, she went, "July! Charges first!"

"On it!" July stopped her use of the flamethrower, and ran towards her, and there was a quick tosstumblecatch, and July ran towards the Sue, an overly maniac grin on her face, that was in danger of cracking it entirely. 

"Skyde Fugl! We're members of the PPC! And we're bringing you down!" 

"What?" The Dummy looked confused.

July began the charges. To Library's dismay, she was for the most part entirely ignoring the charge list, only occasionally glancing at it. "You are charged with causing phoenixes to exist in the Zelda universe as defined by Ocarina of Time game, copying the opening of the Ocarina of Time game by giving yourself a mysterious nightmare from which you wake up at the beginning of the story, pissing PPC agents off, creating and granting yourself with a special fairy with unique markings and a pink theme, which is utterly stupid because their wings don't look like butterfly wings for this game, they're more like firefly wings-"

Library looked about.

In the background, JF was doing an admirable job at turning the fake Deku Tree into charcoal.

To the fore, the original character Kokiri were running around in panic, confusion, and horror. It was quite the scene of chaos.

The Sue was staring at July. The Dummy's expression was mostly vacuous, at the moment, but Library could already  see the signs that the Sue, for all her cluelessness and confusion, was becoming angry.

Library went and pulled the Remote Activator out of July's bag, which the other girl had hanging on one shoulder, haphazardly, against the flamethrower's fuel tank.

"-giving your fairy multicolored hair, giving your fairy 'hinges' on their wings, giving your fairy a scrunchie, making Japanese be an ancient language in Hyrule, mentioning surprisingly large breasts as though this matters, making the deku tree perverted and interested in young girls, pissing PPC agents off, making 'black lace panties' exist in Hyrule, nevermind the sort of work that goes into making them and the socioeconomic and class issues that creates and causes within the structure of a fairly egalitarian society such as the Kokiri-"

Library looked at July, and then at the panicking Kokiri. JF had apparently finished torching the fake Deku Tree and was doing her best to heckle the original characters with small fireballs and insane laughter. "Are you sure they're an egalitarian society, July?"

 "-Yeah, pretty sure- making a character that is intended to be a Kokiri be sexually interested in the Sue despite the gross inappropriateness of it, making fairies perverted, giving all other original Kokiri characters names in Japanese except for the Sue, pissing PPC agents off, causing another character to be perverted so that way you can assert your dominance over a male character, because that is cool and shows how awesome and bad-ass you are- it doesn't actually, because all it does is just show how much of a jerk you are to be threatening random people with overaggressive actions, pissing PPC agents off-"

"July, that's the fourth time you've said that."

"Damn right! -creating the color beep blue, having hair that floats upwards when you are angered, much like what happens with anime characters who possess 'auras' or is intended to portray great power which is especially stupid when you have floor length hair, possessing eyes that blaze like fire, granting yourself a crown, causing an emerald to be 'grassy', giving  yourself floor length technicolor hair that is 'water-like' and wavy, and capable of  sparkling, pissing PPC agents off, giving yourself a special fate that is grandly unneeded given the general history of the canon and Link's ability to soundly prove himself, causing a Kokiri to have to go through with pregnancy despite their state as children of the forest and resembling children, putting a character through six months of labor due to poor wording-"

Library winced once more at the implications inherent in that charge, and, upon looking around, realised that Shiori, one of the characters who had been with the Sue, was not with the main group of Kokiri who were now launching some sort of nut at JF, without much success.

"-killing said character off immediately for poorly understandable reasons that are clearly meant for drama, causing PPC agents mental anguish, having characters say 'Oh My God!' instead of a more theologically appropriate saying for setting, causing Saria, the sage of the forest, to be born of another Kokiri, again, despite being a Kokiri and therefore not supposed to be the product of normal reproduction, imparting the Deku Tree with a serious case of senility, causing the Deku Tree to be uncaring in regards to the death of one of his precious Kokiri, all previous charges involving the characterization of the Deku Tree indicating that you have replaced it with a senile and perverted fakery-"

She spotted the girl, dressed in a blue kimono with silver flowers and a silver obi huddled against a tree, clearly trying to protect the baby and stay out of sight. "Hm...." Library began to walk over.

"-pissing PPC agents off, purposefully having your hair wave in a mourning breeze, as compared to a morning breeze, having yourself possess a kimono in a game that is not based off of Japanese culture as far as clothing goes, creating the color slivery blue, going out of your way to point out that you are the only one to possess a bright pink and magenta kimono, giving yourself peach toned skin, giving yourself a 'special' necklace with a goron ruby in it, pissing PPC agents off, and multiple cases of wanton abuse of grammar, spelling, punctuation, and homophones! Charges out of the way, your punishment is death, death, and more death!"

July smashed her sledgehammer firmly against the Sue's neck, as the dummy Skyde lunged at her. The neck gave without any sound, and the dummy soon deflated, going back to normal, which for it, was slightly charred and smelling strongly of fragrance spray. The uncanonical crown and the shiny necklace were quickly tossed into the backpack. "Kinda wish I coulda tossed her onto the fire, but hey! Can't get everyth- Library, where did you go?"

"Hello?" Library looked down, and set a hand on the Kokiri girl's shoulder.

"Aah! Please! Don't hurt Saria!" The girl curled over the baby, clearly trying to keep her safe from Library.

"I don't want to hurt you or the baby," Library said, honestly.

Shiori straightened, and stood up, defiantly. "Hurt us?" Her voice quavered. "You let those people set the Great Deku Tree on fire! And kill Skyde! How are we going to survive without the Deku Tree or Skyde? And I can't leave the forest! The Deku Tree said we'd die if we left the forest!"

Library looked back. The tree's remains were still smoldering, though it did not look quite as fully burnt down as she thought it would. Her partner was currently fighting with the deflated dummy, trying to get it  into the backpack without taking either it or the flamethrower tank off. JF, at some point, had managed to lose the attacking Kokiri, who were now looking listless and depressed at the loss of their beloved guardian.  "'There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy,'" she quietly said. "You could come with us," she suggested. "We'll make sure the baby is safe. And as for not leaving the forest, I'm sure you'll be fine."

"What is that supposed to mean? And what about everyone else?" Shiori's eyes focused on her.

"It means there's far more out there than you might ever think. I'm sure everyone here will be fine." Library offered her hand out.

After a moment of hesitation, Shiori took it.

With that, Library and Shiori walked over to July and JF. 

"Are you suuuuuuure you don't need help?" July was still struggling to stuff the deflated dummy into the backpack. 

"Can it, firefart!" July aimed a kick at JF's face, which was ducked, and quickly resulted in spat of violence. 

Shiori watched the two attempt to bite, kick, scratch, and generally maim the other. "Um, are they sisters?" 

"Something like that, yes."

"Why are they so violent to each other?"

"It's a long story." 

The two girls' fighting was soon cut off by a falling cloud of ash and char. "I didn't do it!" they both yelled, in stereo. 

Library looked upwards. "What's happening?"

"The Deku Tree! He's alive!" 

"I was wondering how we were gonna fix that," July said. She was shielding her eyes with her hands, protecting them from the ash that was still falling down on them. 

The Kokiri behind them were jumping, shouting, yelling, and in one case cartwheeling with joy. Shiori looked like she would be bouncing up and down, if she was not holding the baby.

"Thank you.... for protecting my children.... from the Sue..." The Deku Tree spoke, the pauses sending more ash and char into the air over the field.

"July?" Library whispered.


"Do you have any idea of how to neuralyze a giant tree?"




Finally, they left the mission, returning to Sara and Zach's response center. The two were nowhere in sight, and Shiori crinkled her nose at the lack of color. 

"It's so grey and lifeless," she commented, as they entered the corridor.

"Somewhat," Library agreed. "Do you like plants?"

Shiori nodded.

"You probably won't like the Marquis," JF commented, grinning widely. She had gained a black eye and a few scrapes from the fight with July.

"What do you mean?"

"He's rather discourteous, I'm afraid," Library added.

"By that she means he's a rude pain in the ass who likes to make everyone suffer." July was sporting a matching black eye, and a torn sleeve. 

"Oh." Shiori hugged the babe in her arms closer.

"You might need to give her a different name," Library said, looking down at Kokiri girl and the baby.

"Why's that?"

"Because there's already a Saria amongst the Kokiri. This little one was supposed to become her, despite all the inconsistencies and lack of logic on the part of the story you were from." 

"But Kikyou...."

"Was, just like everyone else, being manipulated by Skyde." 

The Kokiri girl's expression hardened for a moment, and then, after a moment, she said, "Aria. It's like Saria, but not the same. And it sounds nice, too. Both as a name and as music."

After a minute or two,"Aria is a nice name," July replied. Library's elbow was acquainting itself with her side. She then turned towards JF, irritably. "Why are you still following us? Don't you have anything better to do? Where's your partner, anyways?" 

"Because I don't have anything better to do. And he's in Medical."

"What happened?"

"He might have accidentally got in the way and might have accidentally caught on fire and accidentally gotten a few second degree burns." Upon seeing the horrified expressions of everyone else, she added, "It was on a mission!"

"That's not exactly better," Library murmured. She then said, in a louder voice, "Why don't you go visit him?"

"Can't. The nurse said something about lasting trauma. I'm supposed to get a new partner, though!" JF grinned madly. "I should go ask about that. Bye!" With that, she ran off.

Seeing Shiori's face, Library said, "Don't worry, you won't be assigned to work with her."

"I hope so." The Kokiri girl shuddered.

They soon reached the Marquis' office, where they left her. 

"Good luck," Library told her. "Come and drop by our response center whenever you like."

"It's the one with the bedsheet over the entryway that makes you want to claw your eyes out," July added, helpfully. "You can't miss it. Even if you wanted to."

"Thank you!" Shiori gave Library a side hug, holding baby Aria close, and entered the Marquis' office, leaving the two alone in the corridor.

"The corridors seem to be fairly empty today," Library noted, as they walked back to their response center. "Do you have any idea if there's some sort of event going on?"

"Nah, it's probably because I was running through the corridor screaming about the Sue and trying to find JF."

Library stared at her.

"I might have also been wearing the flamethrower gear."

She sighed. "That would possibly do it, yes. I'm surprised you went to get her, to be honest."


"That fic was practically screaming to be killed with fire."

"I don't recall it doing such."

"That was a terrible joke."

Library only smiled in response.

The momentary feeling of relaxation was cut off when they entered their response center.  A tech from DoSAT was working on their Console, and turned around as they entered. 

She had short brown hair, camouflage cargo pants, an army grey sweater, and a black shirt on. Her shoes consisted of nearly as much duct tape as shoe, and she had a slightly crooked grin paired with slightly unfocused blue eyes.

"Hey, Val! This is your RC, huh? I joined DoSAT." Cody grinned wider. "They have so much awesome equipment." And to Library, she said, "Hi, I'm Cody."

Library watched as July ran, screaming, down the corridor, the flamethrower tank still on her back.

Hopefully she wouldn't be mistaken for having snapped again.