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Miscellany: Gone

Library sighed once more as she looked at the younger girl who was sitting on July's mattress and staring at the scorched mess with somewhat vacant interest. JF looked nearly exactly like July, it was true, but to Library, who had spent just over half a year with July, it was obvious how different the two were. JF didn't have the same nervous energy that in July had at times driven her partner to distraction, and so far there had been no half-manic and half-baked plans from the avatar.

And now, July had disappeared. And, if her attempts to kill the younger version of herself along with the signs from the past few weeks were any indication, she was also insane.

Library stood up from the stool and brushed her skirt off. "Will you be all right if I leave you alone for awhile?" she asked.

JF stared back at her for a moment and then grinned. "Yah."

"Good, then." She paused at the entryway for a moment. For whatever reason, the Sues had not taken the Sue-color bedsheet during the invasion. It was a shame, but, at the same time, fortunate, since in comparison to having a number plate, the bedsheet was easier to look for, if you didn't mind wincing. "Do you think you could tidy things up while I'm gone?"


She left.

Normally, in the corridors she found it hard to distract herself. She had grown up being told to pay attention to her surroundings, and the idea of purposefully not paying attention to her environment had been a difficult concept. But now, it was fairly easy for her to get lost in thought.

Because of this, the fact that she ran straight into someone ten minutes later wasn't much of a surprise.

"Oh, sorry. I wasn't paying attention," she said. She looked at the person she had run into. It was the man who had operated the TARDIS they had been sent during the quarantine.

He answered in a somewhat gruff tone. "You again? Well, I guess you all were smart enough to figure the controls out." He looked down the corridor that Library had just come from. "Your partner not with you?"

She shook her head. "No. I'm afraid she's gone mad."

He paused for a moment before he replied. "She doesn't have a flamethrower, does she?"

"No. She left, as well."

"Ah." He evidentially didn't know what to say. "Where are you headed, then? To Personnel?"

"To the Floating Hyacinth's office. I figured I should tell someone that my partner has gone insane."

"Well, you're probably not going to get there the direction you're going."


"There's a lot of damage to the hallways around that Flower's office that we're still working at. We've closed off some of the corridors," he said. "So getting around HQ is harder than it normally is."


"Wouldn't mind showing you the way, though," he told Library.

"Would you, please?"


They began to walk, the man leading the way.

"What's your name, again? I know I checked it during the evacuation, but I did it for a couple hundred other people, too."

She paused in thought for a moment before she replied. "Calpurnia," Library said finally. "Calpurnia Library. You're actually the first person I've told my first name here. I hadn't even told my partner before she left. I don't think she's even aware that Library isn't my first name, come to think."

"Serious? Wouldn't she have seen it on paperwork and stuff?" They turned down a hallway. "This way; we're blocking that corridor completely off."

She shrugged lightly. "They did have a spot to put down what you would prefer to be called by. I put down my surname, and so far that's the only part of my name that has shown up on anything. And yours? It starts with a 'D', I think?"

"Right. It's Denny Robbs. And I guess the least anyone could say about the Department of Personnel is that they do keep up on the paperwork stuff and keep it straight. But the Marquis is probably the worst stuffed suit I've ever seen."

"Maybe," Calpurnia said, though there was a doubtful tone to her words. "But he couldn't really be that horrible if he's on the Board of Flowers, could he?"

"Oh come on, you believe that?" Denny snorted derisively. "We're practically a corporation; a board is always full of the ones that shove themselves around and yell the most and can back it all up. Doctor Fitzgerald is a pretty decent guy, though, I guess. I don't really end up in Medical a lot, that's mostly Colt." At her confused expression, he added, "Another guy in the DO. He plays with live wires most of the time, and the moron never wears insulating gloves."

"Ah. But wouldn't he have learned better if he keeps doing it?"

"You'd think, but the half-elf keeps frying himself. And besides, this is the PPC. People hardly ever learn their lessons, even if it kills them. Usually doesn't, though. Probably Legal at work." He shook his head. "Well, the Hyacinth's office is right there." He pointed at a nearby door.

"It was nice talking to you, Denny."

"Same. Nice to talk to someone not completely crazy or completely obsessed with new equipment. See you around, maybe, Calpurnia. I've got to go get a wheelbarrow."


"Yeah. I'm part of Building Maintenance, and there's still rubble that needs to get cleared, if you haven't noticed." With that and a wave, Denny left.

Calpurnia stared at the door, deep in thought for a bit, before she knocked.

Come in, a psychic voice said.

She entered.

The Floating Hyacinth's office was dominated by the Flower's tank, which made the room quite impressive-looking.

Yes, Agent Library?

"My partner, Agent July Flame, seems to have gone insane," Library calmly stated. "There were... complications with our latest mission."

There was silence as the Floating Hyacinth consulted her console. A badfic she wrote? Normally agents come away embarrassed from dealing with their old stories. Not insane.

"There was an author avatar in the story."

Her own?


That would complicate things, the Flower admitted. What happened?

"She rushed her avatar almost immediately. July did not wait for many of the charges to actually occur."

Leaves and petals arranged themselves, as though the Flower had turned her full attention on Library. Rushed?

"She was ready to kill her avatar."

What did you do?

"I stopped her."

You are aware that—

Library interrupted. "Yes, I am aware that I possibly shouldn't have stopped her! But the fact of the matter is she completely changed when she read what the mission was! Her reaction was completely unlike her! That sort of behavior isn't right! I don't want to think about what could have happened if I hadn't stopped her, because whatever could have, it would have ended with her being a completely different person than who I was partnered with! And even now I don't think she's the same."

What I was going to say, Agent, was that we don't have any recent records on anything like this happening, the Flower told her in a calm tone.


But I take it from your reaction that the avatar isn't dead? What did you do with her?

"I brought her back with us. Leaving her in the fic would have only resulted in it happening again, and I couldn't let July kill her. She helped return the canons to where they should have been."

And then?

"There were problems with her joining when we went to Personnel."

Such as?

"The Marquis said that both July and her avatar counted as the same person. July... did not take it very well. I left them alone, because Jason, a—"

I've heard about Jason, the Flower said.

Library blushed slightly. "Well, I had left them alone, and when I returned she was gone, as well as all the things she had brought with her, I believe. The DORKS and remote activator is gone as well. I think she tried to kill her avatar again, but I'm not sure what happened."

This could possibly develop into a problematic situation. And the avatar?

"JF doesn't seem to be very disturbed by any of this."

Until this problem resolves itself, you will work with the avatar. And if she has gone mad, as you say, the fact that she has both a DORKS and a remote activator is worrisome. I will notify the Weeds of this, as well as the DIA, though I doubt that she will be hiding here in Headquarters I suggest that both you and the avatar pay attention on missions, in case she has become fixated on destroying her avatar. A fic where anything could happen would more than help her to do this.

"Yes, ma'am."

You are dismissed.

Calpurnia left.

Without the Building Maintenance agent with her, the walk back to her response center seemed to take far longer, and several times she ended up in dead ends, hallways with rubble blocking the way.

Finally, though, she could see the distinct colors of the bedsheet of their entryway.

"Hi!" JF chirruped when she entered. The avatar was carrying a washrag and a bucket of soapy water. "Get whatever it was done?"

"Yes." Library looked around. JF had been busy, it seemed. Much of the destruction from earlier had already been picked up, and the room was far cleaner than it had been even before that. "You didn't need to do that much," she said, though it was obvious that she was pleased.

JF shrugged as she wiped the console down lightly. "I didn't have anything better to do." The washrag steamed in the girl's grip. "Oh, yeah, I found something!" She set the now-dry washrag down, picked something up off of a table that had been recently added to the room, and handed it to Library. "I found this wedged behind the console," she explained.

Library looked at her oddly for a moment. The console in the response center had proved impossible to move very far. July had tried many times and had only ever managed to move it perhaps an inch, the fruit of all attempts combined.

She turned to the piece of metal that JF had handed to her. "Two thousand nine hundred eighty-five," she read. The numbers stood out clearly on the metal square, neatly engraved. "That's the RC number," she remembered. "It was on the door."

JF turned to look at the bedsheet that currently served to separate the response center from the hallway. "Really?" she asked. The tone JF used was strangely mixed, as though the girl couldn't decide if she was trying to be sarcastic or if she was confused about the current lack of door.

"There was a door at one point," Library said. "It was destroyed during our first mission..." She trailed off.

JF scuffed at the floor in her sneakers for a moment in the silence before she spoke. "Well, what do we do now?

A beeping noise answered JF's question. The console.

Library accepted the mission, a run of the mill Suefic. "We go get a new remote activator and DORKS. And then we leave."

And maybe, Calpurnia thought as she led her new partner to DoSAT, things will eventually go well again.